GWController, a central controller of energy storage system, provides EMS and SCADA in Energy Management System (EMS) and is mainly used in Containerized Energy Storage System, PVs & Battery Energy System, and Energy Storage FM Solutions.
Comply with 《Technical specification for monitoring and communication of energy storage system》(Q/GDW1887-2012); 《Function specification for electric storage system interconnecting to distribution network》(Q/GDW697-2011);《Technieal rule for distributed resources connected to distribution network》(NB/T32015-2013).

15% output capacity improved
20% hardware cost reduced
50% lifespan extended
Peak shaving and Valley filling
Based on the power tariff in peak&valley time and its hours, batteries charging and discharging control can be achieved with the operation curves defined and planned by Configuration GWGRID.NET.
To reduce users' demand of electric tariff, the controller monitors the incoming power of transformer with 10% upper limit lessed by calculation, controls the discharge of energy storage system and minimizes the incoming power of transformer.
Demand Control
System frequency modulatation
Based on the regulation of capacity & energy and AGC service supplied by energy storage system, the response instruction is less than 200ms with a 100%/min regulation speed.
Fluctuations Stabilization
With a given capacity, the energy storage system configured by photovoltaic arrays realize the soomth output of new energy, less the fluctuation and randomness features of the output from new energy plants and improve the stability of power system.
· Input voltage: Branch(#1) : AC220V+20%; Branch(#2):C400V~DC1000V
· Power:<100W
· Work temperature(Room): -10℃~55℃
· MTBF:>50000H
· Storage capacity: <32GB
· Measurement accuracy:Voltage<0.1%;Current<0.5%;Temperature<0.5℃;Time resolution<0.1s
· M Communication protocols: IEC61850、DL/T101、DL/T103、Can、MODBUS
· PCS quantity for measurament:<10 pics
· Topology circuit: Single-stage, Two-stage, Cascade-stage
· Ethernet 100M: 2 dependent web sites
· Operating system (OS):Linux、SylixOS
· Control response time:<50ms
· Synchronizatio: IRIGB、NTP
· Size:2u~4u

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