GWRouter, a energy storage router platform used for dispatching department of megawatt battery energy storage power station, accepting dispatching instruction from the grids and tracking power output from the energy storage power station.This solution suitable for the EMS energy dispatch of large-capacity electrical energy storage with its real time anti-virus and anti-aggression operation system. Applicable scenario:Grid Scale Energy Storage Plant, Frequency Regulation Energy Storage Plant (theraml power plant), Photovoltaic Power Station,Wind Power Station
Multiple modes supported:Multi-router control、Grid-off control、Black-start control
Energy scheduling algorithm based on invention patents
Embedded real-time operating system, with high reliability of hardware
Based on the power tariff in peak&valley time and its hours, the charging and discharging control of the batteries can be achieved with the operation curves defined and planned by Configuration GWGRID.NET.
Peak clipping and Valley filling
Fluctuation stabilization
With a given capacity, the energy storage system configured by photovoltaic arrays can realize the soomth of new energy output, stabilize the fluctuation and randomness features of the output from new energy plants and improve the stability of power system.
· Input voltage:Branch(#1) : AC220V+20%
· Power:<200W
· Working temperature(Room):-10℃~55℃
· MTBF:>50000H
· Time synchronization:IRIGB、NTP
· Maximum of controller accessed:32

· Storage capacity:<55G
· Ethernet interface:2 dependent web sites
· Dispatching mode:Grid frequency regulation、Photovoltaic fluctuation suppression
· Operating system:Linux,SyliOS
· Display screen:10 inch
· Size:6u
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