Cloud Energy Storage

GWC Energy Storage Power System is composed of Cloud intelligence, Virtual electric power plant and Cloud detection.    
Cloud intelligence is used for the planning and design of energy storage system in earlier stage with its feasibility analysis of energy storage, configuration system of energy storage system and the model generation of energy storage system's operation control. Based on the GWController configured by edge computing, the automatic data acquisition would feedback to Cloud detection for model optimization and training to let each energy storage system meet the most economical operation.
Integrators: Cloud intelligence for estimating profits and energy storage integrated schemes; Cloud detection for the control of profits on energy storage equipments.
Switch Factory: Integrated soluiton capturer and energy storage system manufacturer.
Battery Factory: Battery system & energy storage rental system provider.
Equipment Factory: Ancillary equipment & Rental service provider.
The cost of equipment investment is automatically calculated by the energy storage system's database with depending on the equipment brand, install form, address, and total budget selected by our users. Then the revenue will be estimated by local governmental subsidies, battery service life and installation form.

· An integrated electric tariff database collected from 200 cities in 34 provinces.
· Parameters collected from dozens of batteries and PCS brands to calculate DOD life span and equipment efficiency of different types of batteries.
· Utilizing clustering analysis algorithm of data analysis to figure out 5 optimal configuration schemes of energy storage system.
· Optimal configuration schemes generate the operation control curve of energy storage system.

Cloud detection is used for monitoring the jurisdiction of users, collecting the real time operation data from GWController and receiving warning information with monitored statistics for the PCS of main equipment, battery, power & environment synchronisly, and it can also help users to realize the operation management and remote monitoring.

· Capable for the real time monitoring and data analysis of historical data curve of energy storage plants.
· With statistics of interval power and total electricity capacity from BESS to which the user belongs.
· Train the model and correct the accuracy of SOH、SOP by battery-operated parameters collected by GWController.
· Ensure the revenue maximization by the operation curve correction of electirc tariff database.
Based on large amount of data, Cloud detection platform, a whole life cycle management system of battery, forecaste estimated batery life span by collecting the parameters of charging and discharing cycles, train SOC modle computed by AI algorithm and correct the accuracy of SOH、SOP.  Estimate the overhaul period of batteries and change the battery in advance, to avoid effectiveness of the system caused by damaged batteries.

· Parameters collected from dozens of batteries and PCS brands is used for calculating DOD life span and equipment efficiency of different types of batteries.
· Train the model, correct the accuracy of SOH、SOP and improve the forecasting precision by collecting battery operation parameters.
· Lead-acid, PbC, Lithium iron phosphate,Ternary Lithium Battery model are supported.
· User interface customizable with multiple privilege groups demarcation.
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