Grid-Scale Energy Storage System
Based on a capacity over 10MW, Grid-scale battery-based energy storage system has the function of local monitoring and energy dispatching. With the design idea of function integration and modularity, NeuEMS includes two levels : system layer and device layer.

· The system consists of GWController, NeuEMS, Windows and Industrial Ethernet switches.
· The device layer access to actual operation data and update to system layer by interacting with BMS, PCS, TCS and FFS through modbus by the GWController.
· High reliability of distributed control
GWRouter&GWController, a layered distributed calculation structure, decompose the performance from single equipment to several equipments in complex system control, with task allocation&strategic planning by GWRouter and operation contorl of strategy by GWController, to ensure that the affect of each equipment abnormity is partial and will not cause a system crash.

· Excellent in real-time embedded device
Controllable software environment of embedded equipments, individually customizable operational system, guarantee-able real-time of software, and with excellent performance of low power and high thermal stability as the whole system is synchronized.

· A system with learning function
GWRouter&GWController, an edge computing architecture model with machine learning module, capable for predicting the electricity production and battery SOF precisely, rationally controllable for the discharging and charging capcity, can improve the economy and battery life of energy storage system, by establishing mathematical models by photovoltaic power generation & battery life, and training date in the operational process.
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