Project introduction

Key Laboratory of energy storage device to its energy management system" demands to creat a machine learning framework based on the lifecycle of battery energy storage system, which is aimed at graduate students to familiar with machine learning and program in AI. Dr.Lin developed the framework with the Green Energy and AI Lab at the University of Hong Kong in just 3 months to make our project successfully realize the machine learing control in energy storage system, train the model and optimize the operation controlling curves.“Simplicity in settings, Operation be goofier", is an implementation of operation and maintenance in the complex energy storage system.

Key Laboratory of efficient use of solar energy and energy storage operational control, a key provincial construction projects in Hubei University of Technology, is an experimental base to cultivate undergraduates and graduates.

UHV testing technique for GIC current transformer , a self-innovative technologies of Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center for High-efficiency with the advanced inernational level, has been awarded 6 Invention Patents 10 Utility Model Patents, 2 software copyright patents and once cited by SCI. "UHV large-ratio testing technique and its application for GIC current transformer' s self-adapative compensation" has won the third prize of Hubei  Science and Technology Progress Award.

Construction process

Technical scheme discussion
Installation and debugging
Approvement and operation
Main functions
· ESS can realize five topologies in single-stage& two-stage and DC&AC, for a wide variety of ESS applications and mixed types of batteries experimental scheme.

· The main operating mode of energy storage system can be divided into grid and off-grid modes, and the off-grid's frequency and voltage control are technical difficulties. This project describes a Microgrid system which constituted by energy battery and loads to launch microgrid experiment by PCS regulation and Power output.       
· The electricity tariff in electricity market is the key factor to drive automatic equipment to operate economically in the future. EMS communicates with cloud-based systems and after that electricity tariff curves will be given by Cloud edge. EMS accepts the electricity tariff curves from the Cloud, and allow EMS make descisions. This product can simulate ancillary service with frequency and peak regulation, and some functions like automatic demand response.

· Remote distributed control is one of the difficulties od virtual power plants. This project allows two EMS to operate seperately to reach the function such as controlling the output power by the Cloud and regulation strategies of simulated virtual power plant.
· EMS constructs AI analysis library by information acquisition of battries, operating parameters of PCS and real time parameters from bus, and stores them in cloud database. Students could learn the  technique of AI Program Development and algorithm moduling usage by EMS moduling.
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