Successful transplant of TensorFlow by our technical Engineer

With the transplantation of the Tensorflow model into ARM9 core, even without the device level, the artificial intelligent algorithm is usable as well. The code is open source, downloadable, and welcome to download.
We obtained the highest grade CE Certification

With highest safety-level of electromagnetism compatible technology effection, the  safe and steady operation of energy-storage system is guaranteed.
Million Awards grants for Dr.Lin

Dr.Lin, the CTO of our company, recevied the Million Awards Funds for "Zhuhai Overseas Students Pioneer ".
Echelon energy storage system of our company succeddfully passed the acceptance of Southern Power Grid Sccessful.

Our application of edge computing and AI in the product, capable for the construction of EMS in energy storage system, successfully realize the first Echelon energy storage system project in domestic.
Successful acception of a prototype microgrid system with energy storage in Hubei University of Technology

Our project successfully realize the machine learing control in energy storage system, training the model and optimizing the operation controlling curves.“Simplicity in settings, Operation be goofier", is an implementation of operation and maintenance in the complex energy storage system.
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