Million Awards grants

Dr. Lin received his B.Eng from Tsinghua University in 2002, and PhD (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) from University of Hong Kong in 2016 by studying under Professor Anguo LI; Awardees of "The Recruitment Program for Innovative Talents" of Pearl river delta. His research interests cover optimisation and control of electrical systems, energy router and optimization algorithm with serving journals like IEEE TPWRS、 IEEE IoT Journal. Dr. Lin just got 1 Million dollars of funding for Innovative Talents of Pearl river delta.         
Dr.Lin was featured for leading our team that obtained 5 patents in just one year since our company's inception, helping our team  establish a machine learning algorithm modeling based on EMS to realize self-adaptive control on charge-discharge current and an effective extension of energy storage battery's lifespan under optimal revenues. This algorithm modeling has established leading place in some indicators such as cycle life of battery and discharging capacity.
Talking about the company's next move, Dr.Lin says we are planning to research and develope mainly in battery safety monitoring to provide intelligent solutions to EMS with safety and reliability by AI chip to moniter thermal runaway of battery and early warnings to avoid fire and explosion.        Currently, AI, Machine Learning (ML), and their other counterparts Deep Learning, etc., have seen wide coverage in  energy storage fields, which will will develop to infrastructures of energy storgae networks. We' re always on the hunt for the best people to work with. We believe that you can use your skills and talent in making our company reach new heights, and welcome to join us new buddy!
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