Project introduction

On August 6,2019, We cooperated with BAK battery(Shenzhen) and China Southern Power Grid seting up our 2.15MW/7.27MWh echelon battery energy storage project, which is now fully operational.
The project proceeded in this innovative EPC cooperative way, with integrated energy investment by China Southern Power Grid and conprehensive solutions delivery contracted by BAK battery(Shenzhen).   
As the energy storage project on consumer side, the project  will apply to industry or business park, and aiming to raise energy efficiency, reliability of power supply and load rate of network by load tranfer management to reach power and energy equilibrium and economical operation of the whole distribution network.
We utilized artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in this project for building up EMS of ESS with multiple models realizing the collection and analysis of real time operation data from EMS & bartery packs, prediction of SOC&SOH from battery grid, optimism of energy control algorithm, increase of the lifespan of EMS, grid-connected and off-grid control, peak & frequency regulation, power demands control and optimization on the application value and revenues of energy storage.
Laying the groundwork for the whole project, the acception of our product is successful landing as the first domestic echelon utilization energy storage program.

Construction process

In one month field debugging, our professional and technical staff give their conscious attention and devotion to solve complex problems with their working passion and grasp the nettle, one mind and one heart under very difficult conditions.
Based on the containerised installation method of BAK project, this project uses the special designed  pre-wiring cases, electric displays without back gate. All the electrical wirings with front access, convenient installation and debugging obtain high recognition and praise from customers.
NeuEMS is an energy storage monitoring system established under configuration software by our company.
By communicating with battery, converter and other auxiliary equipments, NeuEMS can collect real time working states & parameters of the equipment, realize engineering construction fast and flexibly, and have a real time monitering and warning for energy storage controllers, inverters, batteries and P&E equipments effectively.
NeuEMS can realize power distribution and the optimal operation of EMS by analysing superior dispatching orders and battery working state, but also has perfect report statistics function to to rapidly expel historical data to proceed statistics analysis.

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